For the past few months, MovieMaker has been running the “Top 25 Coolest Film Festivals” contest, asking our readers to nominate and vote for the festivals they think are the coolest in the world. Vote for scariest, screamiest, and coolest Horror/Sci-Fi fests below!

This year, we divided the list into categories, to recognize the ever-expanding variety of festivals in today’s circuit. So while we’ll still be ranking the “25 Coolest Festivals” in the general category, we’ll also be ranking the top five festivals in 10 other categories, ranging from women’s to LGBT. Now tiny genre fests and larger, more well-funded organizations alike can compete on their own terms.

Sub-genre voting began last week, launching with the Other category (for lack of a better title) and Documentaries. This week MovieMaker presents today’s Horror/Sci-Fi category and Thursday’s Short Film Festivals. Scroll down to the bottom of this article to begin voting for your favorite Horror/Sci-Fi fests right away!

Here’s how it works: Vote for the most fearful, frightening, and coolest Horror/Sci-Fi festival in each of five pools. The scary fest with the most votes in each pool will win a spot on the “Top 5 Coolest Horror/Sci-Fi Festivals” list. All the festivals that make our final list will appear in print in the Fall issue of MovieMaker. This round will end Monday, August 12 at 4pm, so make sure to get your vote in before then!

How do you ensure that your favorite festival makes the top 5? Tell your family, friends, co-workers, anyone and everyone to vote, vote, vote!

To browse all 20 of this week’s documentary festivals and vote, click on the arrows to the right or left of the voting bar (you’ll need to hover your cursor over the edge of the bar until the translucent arrows appear).

For more information on each fest (including MovieMaker fun facts), click on its picture, or the magnifying glass icon. To visit the festival websites, click the shopping cart icon.
Voting for the Horror/Sci-Fi category has concluded. Thank you for participating!

MovieMaker will be releasing the official list of Coolest Festivals as the fall issue hits stands October 21. We know it’s a long time to wait, but as the old says goes, patience is a virtue. Meanwhile, make sure to vote in categories ranging from Environmental to Experimental over the next two months. Be sure to check back tomorrow, Tuesday, August 13, for our Comedy category and Thursday, August 15 for Environmental/Social Cause fests. Below is a list of the festivals that competed in the Horror/Sci-Fi category.

Pool 1:
Freak Show Film Festival
Tucson Terrorfest
Thriller! Chiller! in Grand Rapids, MI

Pool 2:
Stanley Film Fest
Boston Science Fiction Film Festival
Fantastic Fest

Pool 3:
HP Lovecraft Film Festival
GenCon Film Festival
Knoxville Horror Film Fest
Sacramento Horror Film Festival

Pool 4:

Sci-Fi London
Fake Flesh Film Fest
Mile High Horror Film Festival
Fantasia Film Festival

Pool 5:
Eerie Horror Film Festival
International Horror Sci Fi Film Festival
Telluride Horror Show
Grossmann Festival

Don’t forget, MovieMaker has eight other sub-genre categories to vote in, spanning from experimental to environmental, launching every Tuesday and Thursday until the very beginning of September.

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