For the past two weeks, MovieMaker has been running Coolest Film Festival vote-offs, asking our readers to vote for the “25 Coolest Film Festivals—” the sister list to the “50 Festivals Worth the Entry Fee.”

Below are our runners-up in the General category, all encompassing festivals that screen most of the genres you can think of; the festivals that came close to, but just didn’t get quite enough votes in the first two rounds. Help us pick out the coolest (and most deserving) runners-up and fill the last five spots on our General list before we move on to our sub categories.

Welcome to the runners-up round of voting!


About runners-up voting: All 80 of our reader-nominated festivals in the General category have already competed; click here to see the week one competitors and here for the second week. The runners-up are available to vote for below from now until next Friday at 5 pm. The winners of this week’s vote-off will fill in the remaining five spots on our Coolest list. Don’t forget, MovieMaker has nine other sub-genre categories to vote in, spanning from LGBT to Horror/Sci-Fi to those that could not be categorized in the, for lack of a better tile, Other category.

How do you ensure that your favorite festival makes the top 25? Tell your family, friends, co-workers, anyone and everyone to vote, vote, vote!

To browse all 40 of this week’s competing festivals and vote, click on the arrows to the right or left of the voting bar (you’ll need to hover your cursor over the edge of the bar until the translucent arrows appear).

For more information on each fest (including MovieMaker fun facts), click on its picture, or the magnifying glass icon. To visit the festival websites, click the shopping cart icon.

Happy voting! 

The Runners-Up round of voting has concluded. Thank you for participating!

MovieMaker will be releasing the official list of Coolest Festivals as the fall issue hits stands October 21. We know it’s a long time to wait, but as the old says goes, patience is a virtue. Meanwhile, make sure to vote in categories ranging from environmental to experimental over the next two months. Be sure to check back next week for our first round of sub-genres, beginning with the Other category, for lack of a better title, on Tuesday, July 30. Below is a list of the festivals that competed in the Runners-Up round of voting.

Pool 1:
Cucalorus Film Festival
Hill Country Film Fest
Big Island Film Festival
Portland International Film Festival

Pool 2:
San Luis Obispo International Film Festival
Twin Cities Film Fest
Albuquerque Film & Media Experience
Fargo Film Festival

Pool 3:
Seattle International Film Festival
Arizona International Film Festival
Flyway Film Festival
Sarasota Film Festival

Pool 4:
South by Southwest
Florida Film Festival
Maryland Film Festival
RiverRun International Film Festival

Pool 5:
Milwaukee Film Festival
Blue Whiskey Independent Film Festival
Miami International Film Festival
Eastern Oregon Film Festival

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