The inaugural CLIMAX Film Festival illuminated Espacio Capsula on July 1st. Orchestrated by the esteemed author Raúl Asensio Díez, known for “Leo Y Maya”, “La Profecía De Los Sueños”, and “El Viaje Del Olvido”, the festival encapsulated a vision of a cinematic art gallery.

The Madrid screening featured compelling films: “Pongamos Que Hablo De Ti” by Daniel Pradilla De Bedout; “La Tierra Llamando A Ana” directed by Fernando Bonelli; “Amores En Serie” by Alejandro Fernandez Otero; “Archimétrica” from the collaboration of Jose Luis Serzo and Ana Serzo; “Once Upon a Time Love” by Luca Criscuolo; “Leftovers” from Pablo Porcuna; “A Tu Vera” by Berdi Lago; and “La Casa del Río” helmed by David Peñaranda.

In 2024, the festival’s jury is a formidable ensemble: Raúl Asensio Díez, José Luís Serzo of “Archimétrica”, Daniel Pradilla De Bedout of “Pongamos Que Hablo De Ti,” actress Anna Serzo, Fernando Bonelli, Julio Del Alamo renowned for “Brearth”, documentary filmmaker Lyuwei Chen for “Praying Mantis”, and Pablo Porcuna of “Sobras”.

CLIMAX Film Festival redefines cinematic experiences, juxtaposing film and art in an unprecedented manner. Prioritizing avant-garde independent cinema, the festival seeks films exuding an inherent “x factor” – a blend of originality and nuance. Although diverse in genres, CLIMAX has a soft spot for movies that break conventional norms.

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