Film festival attendees will agree that choosing which movie to watch is like choosing what to eat from a menu that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner—all of which you are in the mood for simultaneously. To better satiate these appetites, Florida’s Clearwater Film Festival—in conjunction with B-Side Entertainment—has announced new innovations to its Website that should excite hungry moviemakers and movie watchers alike. Through a series of interactive features that give audiences direct access to moviemakers (and vice versa), both parties are sure to benefit.

The Clearwater Film Festival’s Website will soon allow fans to rate movies they’ve seen and voice their opinions about them so others can more easily choose what appeals to their tastes. These features will not only benefit movie watchers. Moviemakers can use these same features to connect directly with their potential audiences and generate buzz about their films. According to festival director Mike Rembis, “We may have access to one theater that seats over 2,000 people. The right movie could fill it and become a prime example of what film festivals are all about—great movies and big audiences.” The Clearwater Film Festival has already secured 29,000 seats over the course of its five-day run and the opportunity is ample for moviemakers to disseminate their work.

The festival runs from September 29 – October 3, 2010 and is currently open to submissions through or the festival’s Website,