Plot Twists Christie Real | Laser

To welcome 2024, we’re highlighting some of the biggest plot twists in filmmaking of this new year — things no one saw coming just a few short years ago. One of the biggest is all about seeing things clearly — Christie Real | Laser.

Recent breakthroughs we’ve covered include the increasing availability of LED Volume screens, and the rise of virtual production workflows that are closely enmeshed with Volume screen filmmaking. But as productions up their game, projectors showcasing the finished films must follow suit, and Christie Real | Laser illumination technology is leading the way.

What Christie Real | Laser Does

The company prides itself on exceeding DCI standards, bringing a crisp, unmatched image to the screen, with an expanded color spectrum, more available brightness, and the highest contrast available.

It also promises energy efficiency to reduce costs and increase sustainability. And it’s the company James Cameron’s production company, Lightstorm Entertainment, has partnered with for the last 16 years while producing the innovative, blockbuster Avatar franchise. 

“We’re using their projection systems at all our production sites, in the US and New Zealand,” Cameron said in a statement while making Avatar: The Way of Water. “Wherever I am, I can view progress on my films in high-quality stereo 3D, just as the audience will see the movies in theaters when they come out. This is essential to our working process.” 

With an advanced cinema format that allows for 120 fps in 4K 3D, and affordable options for every theater size, ranging from 43 to 114 feet wide, Christie is set to become a leader in the field as it continues to push the limits of projection technology.