Capote, the movie that nabbed Philip Seymour Hoffman an Academy Award for Best Actor, was released today in 2005 at the New York Film Festival. Capote covers the years when the writer devoted his life to pulling together the infamous novel, In Cold Blood, the chilling story about the murder of a Kansas farm family. Hoffman’s supporting cast included Chris Cooper as Kansas Detective Alvin Dewey and Catherine Keener as Capote friend (and To Kill a Mockingbird author) Harper Lee, a role for which Keener also earned an Academy nod. The movie was up for a total of five Oscars, including Best Picture, Directing (for Bennett Miller) and Adapted Screenplay by Dan Futterman.

Quotable: “On the night of November 14th, two men broke into a quiet farmhouse in Kansas and murdered an entire family. Why did they do that? Two worlds exist in this country: The quiet conservative life, and the life of those two men–the underbelly, the criminally violent. Those two worlds converged that bloody night.” – Philip Seymour Hoffman in Capote.