You can read part one of Patricia Chica’s personal Cannes diary right here. Today, on Day Three, Patricia interviews journalist Tanya Lapointe about what it’s like to cover a festival.

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Day Three


Today I bumped into Tanya Lapointe at the SODEC cocktail party. Tanya is the journalist reporting for the CBC from Cannes.

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I have always wondered, what it is like to be a journalist at a large film festival? What is at stake for a reporter? And what is a typical day of media coverage like? Tanya was very keen to switch roles and play the game of the interviewee. She let me ask her some questions for the moviemakers out there! Did you know that journalists are not allowed to wear colors on the red carpet according to the Cannes protocol? What is the difference between the Cannes red carpet coverage and the Oscars’ red carpet coverage? What do journalists want, what are they looking for from filmmakers when they interview them?

Find out in this interview!

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