Oscar Isaac Moon Knight Brian Cox
Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector in Moon Knight. Photo Credit: Disney+

Brian Cox opens up about being the first to play Hannibal Lecter back in 1986; Daniel Radcliffe is set to play Weird Al Yankovic; Disney+ drops the trailer for Moon Knight. All in today’s Movie News Rundown.

Scream Hits Big at the Box Office: The fifth installment in the Scream franchise starring Jenna Ortega scored $30.6 million over the weekend, according to Variety, and was projected to get to $35 million by the end of the MLK Day weekend.

Daniel Radcliffe Takes On Weird Al: The Harry Potter star is set to play famous parody artist Weird Al Yankovic in a biopic written by Weird Al himself. The movie is being made exclusively for the Roku Channel and is produced by Tango and Funny or Die.

‘Torrid Celebrity Love Affairs’ Etc: Consider that for a song title, Wilco. Roku said in a release that the Weird Al movie “holds nothing back, exploring every facet of Yankovic’s life, from his meteoric rise to fame with early hits like ‘Eat It’ and ‘Like a Surgeon’ to his torrid celebrity love affairs and famously depraved lifestyle. Weird: The Al Yankovic Story takes audiences on a truly unbelievable journey through Yankovic’s life and career, from gifted child prodigy to the greatest musical legend of all time.”

Brian Cox on Hannibal Lecter: In an exclusive excerpt for MovieMaker, the Succession star opens up about being the first to play Hannibal Lecter in Michael Mann’s 1986 film Manhunter. Cox took a different approach to playing the serial killer than Anthony Hopkins, who ended up playing Lecter in Silence of the Lambs and two other films.

Crazy vs. Insane: “A chief difference between my portrayal and Tony’s was that Tony played him crazy whereas I played him insane, and there’s a difference between madness and insanity. Tony was scary and very Grand Guignol, but that wasn’t my and Michael Mann’s take. Our take was, this guy is an intellectual. He’s very, very clever. But if you saw him in the street you wouldn’t look twice at him. He wouldn’t stand out for his manners or his clothes or some kind of exaggerated charisma. He’s just an ordinary-looking, sounding and acting guy who happens to have an absolutely razor-sharp brain,” Cox writes in his memoir, Putting the Rabbit in the Hat.

Joss Whedon Speaks: The Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator sat down for a long conversation with Vulture to talk about his upbringing, Buffy, and the allegations that brought him back down to earth after a long stretch as a television God. It’s an interesting interview, with Whedon getting super candid about some of the darkest parts of his childhood.

The Last Duel: Is trending on a small scale on Twitter, and a lot of people seem to be noticing the Adam Drive/Matt Damon/Jodie Comer/Ben Affleck medieval epic for the first time after skipping it in theaters. It’s understandable why you’d wait to watch a movie at home during these times, of course. I saw it in theaters myself and I was scratching my head at how fast it seemed to disappear from theaters — I, like many Twitterers, thought it was excellent!

Let Oscar Isaac Have a Nap: Disney+ debuted the trailer for its new Marvel series Moon Knight — which stars Oscar Isaac as a very sleepy gentleman who suffers from dissociative identity disorder (DID) and moonlights (pun intended) as the superhero Moon Knight — last night during the NFL Super Wild Card matchup between the Arizona Cardinals and Los Angeles Rams. The series streams March 30. Watch the trailer below:

Main Image: Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector in Moon Knight. Photo Credit: Disney+/Marvel.