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Crowdfunder Pick: “Blue Borsalino.”

Synopsis: “Blue Borsalino” is about an aging pawnbroker, Ernie Child, who tried his hand at being a private investigator years ago, accepting a case from a beautiful young girl who came to him for help, convinced she was in danger.

In a hospital across London, Jean Delaware awakens after years in a coma with no memory of the tragic events that put her there. There is a note scribbled on her file: “Call Detective Child.” Shaken out of his quiet existence, Ernie is summoned to the hospital. He and Jean piece together the events of the night she was attacked, revisiting memories, and delving into Jean’s tortured visions in a last-ditch attempt to discover the truth. Ernie has a confession. Consumed with anxiety, he reveals a shocking secret that will change both of their lives forever.

BlueBorsalino ConceptArt1

On the case. An artist’s rendering of “Blue Borsalino.”

Cast: To be announced

Crew: Mark Lobatto (writer/director), Christopher Smith (executive producer), Annabel Wigoder (producer), Eben Bolter (cinematographer), Dave Silver (editor), and Daniel Vincent (production designer).

Says Lobatto: “‘Blue Borsalino’ is about a man kept prisoner by one single, painful moment from his past. It’s a journey of discovery and redemption which ultimately we can all relate to. It will be great if audiences take away that our lives shouldn’t be dictated by our past mistakes..and to try every day to be more the person they want to be.”

About the Moviemaker: As a writer/director, Mark Lobatto’s last short film, “Silent Treatment,” was selected for 10 international film festivals, chosen by Tribeca to be screened on United Airlines’ flights, and picked up by Shorts International to screen in the U.S. He is currently developing his first feature screenplay. His seven years of experience in film and TV ranges from documentaries with Sir David Attenborough to studio blockbusters including Quantum of Solace and Jupiter Ascending. And has worked with established directors: the Wachowski siblings, Jonathan Liebesman, and Christopher Smith.

Genre: Noir

Platform: Kickstarter


Private investigator, Ernie Child, in a conceptual illustration for “Blue Borsalino.”

Request:  “We are looking to raise at least £10,000, ideally £15,450, which will allow us to shoot ‘Blue Borsalino’ exactly as intended. We’re asking anyone to pledge what they can and share our campaign page on their social media pages to spread the project to as broad an audience as possible.”

‘Blue Borsalino’ is a gripping murder mystery which touches on themes of guilt, forgiveness, and redemption. Told in Lobatto’s unique style, it will put a modern, quirky twist on film noir, a la Mulholland Drive meets Amour. MM

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