Lonely Wolf Film Festival London

Here is news from London’s Lonely Wolf International Film Festival, which is now open for submissions and will be held August 8-14 in London.

The 7th edition of the Lonely Wolf International Film Festival exhibits sophistication, growth and maturity on both a logistical and thematic front.

The festival is proud to welcome a record-high number of submissions for any one single trimmestral virtual event so far, with 737 total audiovisual projects in competition. The submissions have been critically deconstructed and reviewed in just four months by a global jury team, digitally led by Adrian Perez, former manager of regional marketing communications and asset management for the Disney Channels EMEA/UK and The Walt Disney Company.


  • A pool of submissions that basks diversity, with Lonely Wolf’s jury extending their expertise and a plethora of welcomed formats beyond motion pictures and screenplays, to podcasts, filmed theatre/live-recorded media, fashion films and cult cinema.
  • The ratio of male: female: non-binary content creators this season amounts to 65: 30: 5. This marks a record-high of 219 women filmmakers for any one single Lonely Wolf season. Progress.
  • The ratio of domestic: international content creators ranges from 72 domestic submissions (10%) from the United Kingdom, 369 submissions (50%) from the United States and 289 submissions (40%) from all Europe, Middle East, and Africa, Latin America, Asia Pacific and China. A decline of submissions from the Russian Federation and Ukraine has hit the festival, but some student filmmakers from the Alexander Mitta Film School were resilient enough to contact the festival team. The standout Russian student film DEJA VU (dir: Artur Matveev) and breathtaking Ukrainian documentary THE TRUCK (dir: Viacheslav Merzlikin) both made the official selection. A triumph for both artistic circles during the current war crisis.
  • 104 total audiovisual projects (15%) have been officially selected to be streamed for an exclusive 10-day window (29 April to 7 May).
  • This season’s festival trailer has a considerable paid media budget behind it to send the film programme into stratosphere and reach as big an audience as possible. Lonely Wolf’s record as of yet is a reach of 417,960 people for the Spring 2021 virtual film programme. This converted to around 3,883 official attendees + 10,691 total film streams for the 10-day window. This season promises just as big an audience, if not a new record. An official email account from Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment last year opted for a free pass via FilmFreeway; important industry attendees are to be expected, and interesting conversations do spark from the festival’s virtual event for some of the top contenders of the season. ​​
    • Lonely Wolf’s state-of-the-art, multi-DRM encrypted streamer pops-up again (Google Widevine DRM encryption, Apple Fairway DRM + members-only password protection).
    • Link to access the digital cinema + official selection is here.
    • Free passes to unlock/watch the films can be obtained directly via the Lonely Wolf website are here.
    • Another 248 total audiovisual projects (34%) made at least one of the official top 20 ranking spots in at least one award category (out of the 83 total categories that are hosted). Making one of the top 20 positions means that the project excelled in one of the production’s specific technical and/or artistic merits, leveraging it to the top 3% of all 737 projects from across the globe this season. An achievement to scream from the rooftops. 
    • Making the top 10 positions is an extra achievement, for apart from an official award laurel to plaster over your work, the project qualifies to have the award nomination (or win) listed on IMDb here.
    • Link to this season’s competition results here.



Lonely Wolf’s latest curated film programme — sophistically-architected, quietly explosive — hangs viewers instantly over a psychosocial and existential precipice of identity, with invigorating titles whose infectiously empathic protagonists long for connection and freedom. Powerful thematic tensions embellished in exemplary narrative silence, stylistic hysteria and irresistibly fresh auteur archeology drive film as an artform to new heights. But that’s not all — this season’s cinematic depth’s also rivaled with vivid brush strokes of epic science fiction, fantasy and animation that leverage indie film’s capabilities as an industry to new heights.

Curated film blocks to guide your viewing this season:

The Unmissables

Epic, immersive storytelling to awaken your senses and cinematic appetite. These are the must-watch multi-award winning films of the entire season.

· WE DO THIS ONCE (USA) · Michael Marantz
· THE ATTACHÉ (USA) · André Stringer
· GASLIGHT (USA) · Kristen Yuan, Mild Kamolluck Niamkongkit
· LITTLE BROTHER (USA) · Dikega Hadnot
· CITIPATI (Germany) · Andreas Feix
· MIXED FEELINGS (Canada) · Benjamin Freemantle
· DON’T DIE FIRST (USA) · Daniel Brian Foster
· LA VOIX HUMAINE (USA) · Nanine Linning
· LIBERTY (Belgium) · Phil DeWitte
· PACSIRTA “SKYLARK” (Hungary) · Béla Paczolay

Black Hysteria Masterclass

Award-winning films to depict Black interiority + reignite racial justice/activism

· LITTLE BROTHER (USA) · Dikega Hadnot
· MIXED FEELINGS (Canada) · Benjamin Freemantle
· DON’T DIE FIRST (USA) · Daniel Brian Foster
· WASTED TALENT (USA) · Derrick Benton
· RUNAWAY (USA) · Daniel Fries
· À TERRE PROMISE “GROUNDS OF HOPE” (France) · Lionel Bernardin

Eye Violation, Transgressive Excess + Prohibited

Best of Cult Cinema. Rebellious must-watch films. Brutal, cruel and simple, made to carnivalise moral, cultural and aesthetic sensitivities.

· HOT-DOG (Switzerland) · Anaëlle Morf
· LA COMIDA (USA) · Edward Pomerantz
· 虫 “MUSHI” (Australia) · Odin Jurray
· RINGU: Meme Origins (USA) · Nick Toti *Epilepsy Warning*
· CLUB INTERNACIONAL AGUERRIDOS “C.I.A.” (Mexico) · Leandro Cordova
· COMBAT NUNS: All Or Nothing (USA) · Rick Williamson

Best Feature Films

· LIBERTY (Belgium) · Phil DeWitte
· PACSIRTA “SKYLARK” (Hungary) · Béla Paczolay
· À TERRE PROMISE “GROUNDS OF HOPE” (France) · Lionel Bernardin
· 8 DON 75 FAKTA ICHCHASHAKTI HAVI (India) · Sushrut Bhagwat
· MÉDUSE “MEDUSA” (France) · Sophie Levy
· IT’S NOT OVER (Italy) · Alessandro Riccardi
· LABYRINTH (China) · Xue Ma
· ALBERTINA (Brazil) · Luiz Fernando F. Machado
· HARPER (USA) · Kate Bohan
· PROF. (Canada) · Logan Alexander Mitev
· OLMA DJON “LOVE APPLE” (France) · Victoria Yakubov
· LXI (61) (Peru) · Rodrigo Moreno del Valle

Best Animation

· GASLIGHT (USA) · Kristen Yuan, Mild Kamolluck Niamkongkit
· CITIPATI (Germany) · Andreas Feix
· LA CUSTODIA ‘THE CASE’ (Italy) · Maurizio Forestieri
· DON’T CROAK (USA) · Daun Kim
· COMMON MONSTERS S1.E1 (USA) · John Irvine
· THE CALL (France) · Gabriel Vuillemin
· PAPEL (USA) · Nancey Fang
· HAPPIER ALONE (UK) · Lili Giacobino
· LIFEBLOOD (Australia) · Nicholas Tory
· SIX TO SIX (Israel) · Neta Cohen

Best Filmed Theatre + Live-Recorded Media

· LA VOIX HUMAINE (USA) · Nanine Linning
· PIE IN THE SKY (USA) · Maria Gobetti
· NOT ON THIS NIGHT (USA) · Bill Humphreys
· THE SYSTEM (UK) · Guy Unsworth
· TALES OF THE ACCIDENTAL (Kenya) · Maimouna Jallow
· DISROBED (USA) · Troy Peterson
· NIGHT, MOTHER (USA) · John Patrick Lowrie
· SPOOK (USA) · Meshaun Labrone, Nate Starck

Best Documentaries

· THE TRUCK (Ukraine) · Viacheslav Merzlikin
· MASTERJAM (USA) · James Curry
· GLASS WORLD PROJECT: Nature & Human (Switzerland) · Raphael Sommer, Olivia Lina Gasche
· WHITE WOLVES: Ghosts Of The Arctic (Germany) · Oliver Goetzl
· ある島を想うこと “DREAMING AN ISLAND” (Switzerland) · Andrea Pellerani
· FRANK BEY: All My Dues Are Paid (USA) · Tom Dwyer, Lisa Palattella
· THE TREASURE OF HIS YOUTH: The Photographs Of Paolo Di Paolo (USA) · Bruce Weber
· FULL CIRCLE: A Downhill Longboarding (Kenya) · Genna Print
· I’M NOT GAY (Australia) · Nathan Short
· SAL (Mexico) · Paco Álvarez
· SAVING GLACIERS (Slovenia) · Ciril Jazbec
· くじらびと “LAMAFA” (Japan) · Bon Ishikawa

Best Dramas, Shorts + Series

· WE DO THIS ONCE (USA) · Michael Marantz
· LIMBO (Canada) · Anthony von Seck
· JULI. “JULY” (Norway) · Mauritz Brekke Solberg
· AMORPHE (France) · Vincent Meilac
· LITTLE BROTHER (USA) · Dikega Hadnot
· MIXED FEELINGS (Canada) · Benjamin Freemantle
· DON’T DIE FIRST (USA) · Daniel Brian Foster
· WASTED TALENT (USA) · Derrick Benton
· RUNAWAY (USA) · Daniel Fries
· 老頭村 “THE ENLIGHTENMENT OF OLD CHAP” (Hong Kong) · Carmen Hau
· THORNS (South Africa) · Emma Atalya Chana Tollman
· AGGRAPPATI A ME “Hold On To Me” (Italy) · Luca Arcidiacono
· ECSTASY (UK) · Grant Taylor
· THE COST OF LIVING (UK) · Alice Trueman
· GLEN (Australia) · Jeremy Brull
· LIFE SKILLS (UK) · Gino Evans
· LAZARUS (France) · Guillaume Corde
· PONGAMOS QUE HABLO DE TI “Let’s Pretend I’m Talking About You” (Spain) · Daniel Pradilla De Bedout
· TO ERASE A CLOUD (UK) · Jim Longden
· THE LAST CHRISTIANS (Germany) · David Lichtenauer
· KEPLEY (USA) · Michael Grant, Stephanie Katherine Grant
· LA TIERRA LLAMANDO A ANA “Planet Earth Calling Ana” (Spain) · Fernando Bonelli
· TAPEBOY (Canada) · King Dawit
· PINT? (UK) · Duncan Guymer
· MÓW DO MNIE “A Silent Song” (Hungary) · Dora Laszlo-Gulyas
· THE STRANGE INCIDENT IN ROOM 36 (Germany) · Kiana Klysch
· KAPARA. (Australia) · Steve Hudson
· MUTE (USA) · Wesley Wang
· SOUNDS (USA) · Andrew Frescas
· COERCION (USA) · Christian Elliott, Neal Johnson
· MAX (Finland) · Marko Möttönen
· THE ISLAND OF MISFIT ARTISTS (USA) · Jordan Elizabeth Sambogna
· ECHOES (USA) · Anthony Kalmeta
· EUNUCO “EUNUCH” (Mexico) · Félix Gómez Amaya
· BEA, SERIOUSLY (USA) · Hanna Gray Organschi
· OAKDALE, 1959 (USA) · Josh Garvin
· DEJA VU (Russian Federation) · Artur Matveev

Best Sci-Fi + Fantasy

· THE ATTACHÉ (USA) · André Stringer
· CHECKPOINT (USA) · Jason Sheedy
· FENESTRA (USA) · Jason Sheedy

Best Music Videos, Podcasts + New Media

· VINCENT ALIZÉ ‘LES NUITS INCANDESCENTES’ (Director’s Cut) (Canada) · Alexandre Richard
· HOT MONDY ‘PALE EMBER’ (USA) · Brad Tobler
· CATALYST ‘SUNSHADES’ (Switzerland) · Linus von Stumberg
· SHORES (UK) · Kelly Joanne Jenkins
· NEOSHIN (Germany) · Sebastian Selg
· EARTH ECLIPSED S1.E1 ‘The Abacus Project’ (USA) · Nicholas Prufer
· YELLOW JACK (Australia) · Harry Sanna
· MOON KNIGHT (USA) · Akshay Tiwari

Best Screenplays (Written/Unproduced)

· SERIAL (USA) · Robert Benjamin
· THE COMBINE S1.E1 ‘Metamorphosis’ (USA) · Cole Dilts
· BLACK OCEAN (USA) · Francesca Florentyna O’Hop
· MAKE A WISH (UK) · Robyn Pete
· AMY AND ANGEL (USA) · Julia Verdin, Deedee Benkovich
· RESET BUTTON (USA) · Paul Root

Main image courtesy of the Lonely Wolf Film Festival.