Festival director Adrian Perez proudly unveils the lineup for the 2023 Lonely Wolf International FilmFest (November 29 – December 10). Featuring films from over 20 countries, the festival includes noteworthy selections such as “Fabiu” (Austria, directed by Stefan Langthaler), “Monkey Business” (Netherlands, directed by Everon Jackson Hooi), “Whoever Was Using This Bed” (Australia, directed by Andrew Kotatko), and “Mia Moglie” (Spain, directed by Ana Liébana).

The festival showcases talented filmmakers, cast and crew, including Niamh Walter, Radha Mitchell, Feifei Yu, Lilly Waters, Michael Mendi, Annabella Ulloa Garay, and Jun Wang. It highlights female directors and winners Jessie Lee Thorne, Ana Liébana, Alice Miller, and Carla Fotre and addresses social issues like mental health, and loneliness. Perez invites film enthusiasts and critics to celebrate the international film community’s diverse voices.

For winners and honorees see below, visit the festival’s official website, or follow on social media.

Jun Wang’s “Isolated People” examines the human experience during COVID-19, featuring Wang Yang (Feifei Yu) and Jia Xiusheng (Zhen Liu). The award-winning film portrays raw emotion, loneliness, and despair through stark realism and storytelling, with both lead actors delivering powerful performances.

“Andy: A Dog’s Tale” is an animated short about a Labrador pup named Andy finding his purpose, created by Jean Schulz, Jamy Wheless, and John Kelly. The film, praised for its emotional animation, storytelling, and evocative score, has won Best Character Design and received six nominations, including second place for Best Animated Film.

Nicola Bozzo’s “Bhaktapur: A Human Story” is a documentary capturing human resilience after an earthquake in Bhaktapur, Nepal. The film won Best Short Documentary and Best Documentary Cinematography and has been nominated for four awards overall.

Elly Cho’s “SUM” (“Island”) is a silent film exploring the human condition through dance and metaphor. The visually striking film earned the Outstanding Contribution to Independent Filmmaking Award and five nominations.

“Lostless” is a silent film directed by Dustin James Leighton that stars Jade Soto and Mitch Morrison. It received an honorable mention and six nominations, showcasing Leighton’s directorial skill and visual elements.

Ross Silcocks’ “Crystal Island” is a visually captivating film about transformation and human connection to nature. It earned an honorable mention and five nominations.

Noelle Joy Sorenson’s debut, “HeArT”, starring Josh Berresford, examines love and vulnerability. It received an honorable mention and four nominations, leaving a lasting impression on audiences.

Roberto Serrini’s “Disco Sauce” is a culinary documentary about Penne alla Vodka’s origins. It received an honorable mention and three nominations, celebrating food as a cultural and social force.

Nikica Cerkez’s “Castling” delves into socio-political and environmental crises in a dystopian future. It earned an honorable mention and seven nominations, highlighting Cerkez’s visionary direction.

Hafid Abdelmoula’s “The Wall In The Garden” explores the human condition and fragile relationships. It received an honorable mention and seven nominations, showcasing the director’s unique vision.

Daniela Stephan’s debut “Mummy Blue” investigates inherited trauma and escapism. It received an honorable mention and three nominations, demonstrating Stephan’s filmmaking talent.

Christos Kotsovos’ “North By Freaking West” pays suspenseful homage to Hitchcock films. It earned an honorable mention and two nominations, offering a fresh take on classic cinema.

Lyuwei Chen’s “Praying Mantis” is a documentary about a martial arts master. It received an honorable mention and a nomination for Best Short Documentary nomination.

View the festival trailer at https://www.lonelywolffilmfest.com/spring2023-trailer.html.