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The 40 Best Film Schools In The U.S. and Canada 2019

The 40 Best Film Schools In The U.S. and Canada 2019

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Portland State University’s School of Film (Portland, OR) – Esteemed Theory and Criticism Training

Portland is a creative enclave between Hollywood and the “Hollywood North” that is Vancouver, British Columbia that is blossoming as a home to film and television’s best. Covering film studies, film production, and screenwriting, PSU’s School of Film offers classes like Film Noir from 1960, The American Acting Style: Brando, Newman, De Niro, and Mockumentary. There are also practical courses, including Introduction to Digital Filmmaking, Intro to Premiere, and Motion Graphics. Game design and 3D production training is available.

Other technical courses include Story Development for Film, Directing Actors for Film, and Narrative Film Production. Each year students can have their films screened and potentially win awards and prizes for their efforts.

Additionally, an on-site movie theater allows students to watch films for free all year and even help oversee operations.

Director of the School of Film, Dr. Mark Berrettini, says: “Our curriculum incorporates a thorough and synthesized investigation of film and media studies, film and media production, and screenwriting within one degree.

“This approach, along with professional development opportunities for students, such as lectures from professionals in the field and internships, prepares them for their professional endeavors after college.”

Film class of 2015 alumnus David Jordan Rodriguez, co-founder of Wicked Tale, says: “I entered the film program at PSU during a very uncertain period of my life, having just disbanded from a video production company I’d helped start but which left me feeling boxed into my role.

“In each class I explored aspects of filmmaking that previously felt ‘off-limits’ to me. In fact, the more uncomfortable the work made me, the more I was encouraged by faculty to engage, culminating in the creation of a short film for which I took first place in a competition with over 100 entries. I bought a camera and graduated feeling equipped for whatever life outside school held. After exploring opportunities abroad and experiencing a role with a traditional production company, my partner—a talented animator—and I took the risk and formed our own business: Wicked Tale. We now offer global services in video production and motion graphics.”

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tom Peterson says:

    Surprisingly, the Olympic College Film School (Bremerton, WA), a comprehensive accredited program with two and four-year options, with an outstanding faculty, new facilities designed just for the film school, new technology with a focus on Digital Filmmaking, access to Seattle-based companies, and the lowest four-year tuition around (less than $35,000) was missed.

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