Bath Bomb
Main Image: Director Colin G Cooper (left) & Executive Producer Ronnie Exley (right). Photo Credit: Remy Garth.

Melrose Ave. was fizzing with excitement on Saturday night at the launch party for “Bath Bomb,” which celebrated the first fundraiser for the queer Giallo short film set to be directed by Colin G. Cooper and written by Michael Clifton.

Held in the space below Bathtub Gin on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles that used to be home to a popular Blockbuster Video themed popup bar, the “Bath Bomb” party celebrated the launch of the film’s crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. With the goal of raising the $25,000 Cooper and his team need to make the film, the party united the team of artists behind the film with all those who have donated so far. The film’s Indiegogo fundraiser is so popular that “Bath Bomb” was trending at #1 in the film category on the day of the party.

Themed drinks and a selfie station brought the ‘Bath Bomb’ party to life

The selfie station, courtesy of Colin G. Cooper

The atmosphere at the “Bath Bomb” launch party was lighthearted, hopeful, and upbeat as guests enjoyed themed drinks like the “Bath Bomb” champagne cocktail featuring a sugar cube that fizzed just like a bath bomb.

There was also a charming selfie station complete with a copper bathtub and a wall of the film’s posters designed by Colm Geoghegan, AKA Creepy Duck, the artist behind the posters for recent horror films like The Black Phone, Scream VI, and Smile.

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“It’s great to see the indie film community supporting each other, which seems to be particularly strong in horror,” Cooper tells MovieMaker. “It was a lot of fun building out the space, designing custom drinks, and other elements that tied into the film.  Big thanks to Dave, Brian, Laurina, Kat, and the rest of the Bathtub Gin team for helping us pull all of that together.  We hope to continue growing the enthusiasm for Bath Bomb, and plan to throw more events down the road.”

Members of the “Bath Bomb” creative team who were in attendance on Saturday include Cooper, who flew in from Toronto; Clifton, who flew in from Mexico City; executive producer Ronnie Exley of RB Venture Partners; crowdfunding producer Vincente DiSanti (Never Hike Alone), and Theresa Wayman of the indie rock band Warpaint, who is composing the film’s score with her brother, engineer and producer Ivan Wayman.

In keeping with the Giallo genre, which surfaced in Italy in the 1960s and early ’70s, “Bath Bomb” will adhere to the hallmark characteristics of eroticism, bisexual lighting, gore, and intricately choreographed scenes of sexually charged violence. 

The short will follow Jordan, a sullen doctor with a refined manner, and Grant, his beefy, himbo boyfriend. Things take a turn for the disturbing when Jordan prepares a romantic bath for Grant, only to reveal that he knows Grant has cheated on him.

Cooper and his team’s ultimate goal for the film is to add other short vignettes and turn it into a horror anthology feature.

So far, in just over a week, the film has raised nearly $10,000 of its $25,000 goal with 23 days left to complete the fundraising round. You can donate and learn more about the project through its Indiegogo campaign here

Main Image: Director Colin G Cooper (left) & Executive Producer Ronnie Exley (right). Photo Credit: Remy Garth.