Barbie Meme House; Thor's Best Thespians; Minions Meets Reservoir Dogs

Know your Barbie memes; the best actors ever to cash a Thor check; kids in suits are seeing Minions; the Woman King trailer is here. All in today’s Movie News Rundown.

But First: If you’re making a film, and want to extend your budget, we would like to help you.

Barbie Meme House: Margeaux Sippell combed through the entire internet to figure out why the new Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling Barbie movie — which won’t be out for a year — is already such a sensation. The result is part essay, part photo gallery, and very, very pink.

My Favorite Part: “The fact that so many of these photos have been leaked from set… makes it feel like every time a new photo comes out, a secret’s being whispered just to you.”

And for the Fellas: Just kidding! Everything here is for everybody, and I made everybody a list of the best actors ever to do a Thor movie — some of whom are just the best actors, period. Did I leave anyone out? Put them in the wrong order? Let us know in the comments.

More About Barbie, Though: I’m currently reading Emerald Fennell’s Oscar-winning script for Promising Young Woman, the last film from Margot Robbie’s production company, Lucky Chap. A PDF is conveniently located here. I thought I’d read about 25 pages, then glanced over and realized I was already on page 74. That’s how good Promising Young Woman is — it just flies by, making cogent and funny points as it goes.

Clerks III: Kevin Smith and the stars of Clerks III are doing an Instagram Live at 9 a.m. PT/noon ET today. Clerks III has an interesting rollout strategy that I kind of like. It will air in more than 700 U.S. movie theaters for two nights only – Tuesday, September 13th and Thursday September 15th — and Smith will tour the film in select markets as the “Clerks III Convenience Tour” roadshow, starting in New Jersey on September 4.

Stranger Things Hits a Billion: Viewers worldwide have now spent more than a billion hours watching Stranger Things Season 4 — including the extra-long episodes released this past Friday. As a person currently stranded in the middle of the 2 hour and 25 minute finale, I can understand how this happens. This is the first English-language series and second show overall to hit the billion-hours milestone, Variety notes. The first, of course, was Squid Game.

May I Editorialize? I can’t be the only one to feel like Stranger Things could have covered everything in 800 million hours.

Tim Allen Updates: Are a thing you’ll have to get somewhere else, I’m very sorry. I have never seen a Toy Story movie or anything else Tim Allen was in. I guess he was replaced by one of the Chrises as the voice of pretend astronaut Buzz Lightyear in a new cartoon that isn’t doing well? I think we can all agree that there’s too much silly news pulling focus from more important things and I just want to suggest that this story gracefully bow out to make room for others.

Okay, Back to Important Stuff: The terrifying new trend among America’s youth is dressing up in suits to see Minions: The Rise of Gru. Can grown-ups play, too? I get to be Mr. Purple.

Dressing Up in Suits to See Minions: Threat or Menace? Variety has this helpful story on telltale signs that your kids may be dressing up in suits to see Minions. No. 3: They’re wearing suits.

The Woman King Trailer: Here’s Viola Davis in The Woman King, inspired by the true story of the female warriors of the Kingdom of Dahomey (who also inspired the fictional Dora Milaje in Black Panther.) It’s directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood (The Old Guard, Love & Basketball), who we interviewed here. Of course I’m going to see this:

Main image: Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok.