Film marketing and distribution company B-Side Entertainment has partnered with Virgil Films & Entertainment for all future DVD releases. Virgil Films, formerly Arts Alliance America (which in turn was formerly known as Hart Sharp Video), is a DVD distribution company which already enjoys partnerships with the likes of Sundance Channel Home Entertainment, ESPN and MLB Productions. B-Side hopes to benefit from Virgil’s stellar reputation in the world of DVD distribution and marketing, while Virgil looks to gain from the increase of DVD releases that B-Side will contribute through their strong festival presence and recently launched distribution arm.
The partnership comes at a time of extreme progress for B-Side, who recently added Liz Ogilvie, revered documentary marketing veteran formerly of Indiepix, to the team as vice president of marketing. Chris Hyams, CEO and founder of B-Side Entertainment, is very optimistic about the future with Ogilvie. “She has a creative approach to marketing films and has the utmost respect from the film industry,” says Hyams. “I can’t think of anyone better able to contribute to B-Side’s success than Liz.”

B-Side also recently acquired its first feature, Visioneers, Jared Drake’s debut feature starring comic Zach Galifianakis and Judy Greer. Visioneers may be the first feature for B-Side, but it will certainly not be the last for this up-and-coming entertainment group, as they plan to acquire and distribute more than 10 films in 2009 alone with the help of their new partners.