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August 9, 1994
Thanks to the success of Dances With Wolves and Unforgiven, the western has saddled up and is riding again, bringing […]
May 4, 1994
Back in the days of the studio system, gangster films were moviemakers’ bread and butter. Although they seldom won awards, […]
April 7, 1994
You know they’re part their prime when a Roger Corman movie receives a degree of critical acclaim, Diane Ladd ends […]
March 8, 1994
In the title of his autobiography Joseph Cotten said Vanity Will Get You Somewhere. Talent, and possibly vanity, took Cotten […]
March 5, 1994
When he died in 1977, Jim Thompson left as his legacy a handful of crime novels. Never popular during his […]
February 5, 1994
The last couple of years have been pretty good for Orson Welles, even though he hasn’t been around to enjoy […]
January 6, 1994
In 1954 two exceptional films on organized labor were produced. Elia Kazan’s On The Waterfront worn innumerable awards and is […]
December 5, 1993
Prior to Body of Evidence‘s theatrical release a rumor floated that if the film did not perform well, the producers […]