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Steven Peros

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  • Articles - Directing

    Darth Vader vs Me

    By April 14, 2011

    There have been lots of articles in the pages of MovieMaker (and elsewhere) that go something...

  • Articles - Festival Beat

    Live From Sundance: Day One

    By January 21, 2010

    An L.A.-based publicist for one of my films woke me up this morning in Park City....

  • Articles - Screenwriting

    Things I’ve Learned As A Moviemaker

    By February 3, 2007

    On page count Never, ever, give anyone-friend, foe,and especially a professional-a script whose three digit page...

  • Articles - Screenwriting

    Torn Pages From a Life

    By February 3, 2007

    Coleman Hough Recalling posters from what was arguably Hollywood’s last Golden Age-the 1970s-the poster for Steven...

  • Articles - Crossing the Line

    John Frankenheimer

    By September 23, 2002

    Director John Frankenheimer No matter how bad the circumstancesare, you can win; you can triumph over...

  • Articles - Crossing the Line

    Billy Wilder, Dudley Moore

    By June 21, 2002

    When you live in LA, you hear stories about famous people. Strange little stories, anecdotes and...

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