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July 29, 2008
He may be best known for the beloved Cinema Paradiso, but Giuseppe Tornatore’s The Unknown Woman, his first film since […]
December 28, 2007
For a director with more than two dozen films under his belt, along with a fistful of C├ęsars and other […]
February 3, 2007
Since its inception in the summer of 2000, the Bronx-based Ghetto Film School has provided an education in the art […]
January 24, 2005
The 1990s may be the decade in which American independent moviemakers—and the distribution companies that released their films—broke through the […]
March 27, 2004
It’s happening at this very moment. Somewhere in the world, Manhattan or Tehran, Los Angeles or Taipei, a young moviemaker […]
October 9, 2003
Considering the ever-evolving relationship between the Internet and other aspects of pop culture, the value of the Web for film lovers and moviemakers has taken […]