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July 31, 2007
Not every director likes to move the camera. Some simply can’t afford it. Go back and look at Kevin Smith’s […]
January 26, 2007
If you’re a regular user of After Effects or you do your compositing in other programs such as Combustion, Final […]
September 24, 2006
Web technology may be the great equalizer when it comes to promoting an indie film, but actually delivering your video […]
June 21, 2006
Many low-and no-budget directors shy away from period or fantasy films for a variety of good reasons, including tough locations, […]
January 24, 2006
Field testing the JVC GY HD100U. Six months ago, only two modestly priced cameras meeting the HD standard were available […]
January 16, 2006
Writing this issue’s column, I felt a bit like Bill Murray’s neurotic character from What about Bob? Baby steps: Set […]
March 20, 2005
Matt Power shows off his $75 homemade camera crane, which he built five years ago. One of the best motivators […]
January 22, 2005
When you reach the point where you run out of room to store your jumble of lighting instruments, tripods, cables […]
April 1, 2004
Dana Lee stars in the title role of Matt Power’s Throg. Are you shooting a scene set in the Louvre […]