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February 1, 1999
It takes a little while for the non-action movie fan to come around to Jackie Chan’s mode of cool. He’s […]
July 3, 1997
With Matt Dillon in Drugstore Cowboy. In a big, sun-kissed house in Vancouver, B.C. which is the location set for […]
December 1, 1995
Pioneering German director Werner Herzog talks about the influences and “fortuitous accidents” that make up his cinematic oeuvre.
August 1, 1995
Ask any group of screenwriters about their work and the answers are bound to cut across a wide range of […]
November 1, 1994
“It wasn’t really a breakdown. I started to get all these symptoms—I felt stressed out, I was really tired all […]
September 3, 1994
Rutger Hauer doesn’t look comfortable in his hotel room chair. It looks a little small for him, made for smaller […]
August 15, 1994
When Lawrence Kasdan’s Wyatt Earp opened at theaters across the country earlier this summer, it had become nearly commonplace again […]