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Kelly Hughes

Stories By Kelly Hughes

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    Intravenous Video

    By April 6, 1994

    By definition (my own), Intravenous Video causes a physical change in the viewer, whether real or...

  • Articles - Directing

    Scraping Bottom

    By March 4, 1994

    Evil priests. Lascivious nuns. Mischievous monkeys in a graveyard. What genius dwells in the minds of...

  • Articles - Directing

    Portrait of the Screenwriter as a Young Man

    By March 1, 1994

    I met George Wing through his girlfriend, who was working an unglamorous day job with me...

  • Articles - Directing

    Posing at the Posies

    By February 4, 1994

    Chances are you live  in Seattle, so you know what moshing is. I knew, too- sort...

  • Articles - Directing

    High on Hollywood

    By February 1, 1994

    When I talked to Steve Wright recently he was negotiating a deal for a used helicopter...

  • Articles - Directing

    Video Masturbation

    By January 4, 1994

    No, I’m not talking about the kind of self-abuse induced by Debbie Does Dallas. But video...

  • Articles - Directing

    Sweet Little Films

    By January 2, 1994

    It’s hard for Zola Mumford to watch Hollywood movies. She says there’s very little in them...

  • Articles - Directing

    Video Is Not Slumming

    By December 2, 1993

    If you’re going to read this column, we must first verify your qualifications. How many of...

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