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November 18, 2007
It’s an old and tired story: Hollywood as a testosterone-driven industry, dominated by power-mad male executives and underscored by boys’ […]
September 23, 2006
Emerging from the vital wave of recent Mexican cinema, former radio DJ and TV producer Alejandro González Iñárritu has proven […]
March 23, 2005
Todd Solondz does not hate everyone. It’s a common misconception that he does. His movies—the painfully honest adolescent exploration Welcome […]
January 22, 2005
Costner as Denny Davies Mike Binder’s latest movie, The Upside of Anger, begins with a lingering shot of Joan Allen’s […]
March 29, 2004
Making it through the entire 10-day run of the Sundance Film Festival is a feeling akin to the completion of […]
January 22, 2004
Less than 10 minutes have passed since William H. Macy and I sat down at our table to do this interview, and already three people have approached the actor.
September 25, 2003
The first time nona gaye appeared in front of the camera was on an episode of the ’70s dance show, […]
September 24, 2003
Shin Koyamada is possessed of a rare naiveté, and the kind of blind enthusiasm which makes a fool of some […]
September 23, 2003
The Post Production Playground team celebrates a decade of success in New York. MovieMaker (MM): You have a fascinating background, […]
July 6, 2003
Fame is often an ill fit, but there are some who manage to appear as if they wear it well. […]