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May 26, 2010
Let’s cut to the chase: You want to have a career in the movies. You want to be a successful
September 30, 2007
You’ve graduated from an accredited film school and made an award-winning short. You’ve waited for doors to open. You’ve posted
November 5, 1999
There are three stages to filmmaking— Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. Pre-production is easy. You’re in it now. Although the truth, more likely, is
September 9, 1999
Get real! You gotta have a DP. Can’t shoot a film without one. This quickly dis­qualifies you yourself. What you
September 1, 1998
Let’s get real! Let’s assume you have “The Great Idea” bouncing around in your head. You are petrified to tell
July 1, 1998
Moviemaking Advice From Dov S-S Simens America’s #1 Film Instructor This is the fourth of a four-part series on dealing
July 1, 1997
This is a three-part series concerning independents and their relationship with distributors. Part-I is DISTRIBUTION PATTERNS: How To Release, Part-II