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February 17, 2015
I had known Roger Ebert for a couple of years when I formed my first lasting impression of him. After
January 19, 2011
Taxi Driver was an unlikely hit in 1976. At a time when audiences were lining up for traditional genre entertainments—Rocky
heath ledger the queen's gambit
July 30, 2008
James Byron Dean, 1931-1955 Films Include: Rebel Without a Cause (1955), East of Eden (1955), Giant (1956). Cause of Death:
March 10, 2008
Gus Van Sant is the perfect picture of an American independent moviemaker. He grew up on both coasts—in Portland, Oregon
October 15, 2007
Modernists and innovators though they were, it’s unlikely that Ingmar Bergman or Michelangelo Antonioni would have dared to plan a
October 15, 2007
When you interview Ennio Morricone, the first thing you learn is what to call him. Do as the Romans do—he’s
March 23, 2006
Even before it opened, Brokeback Mountain picked up a label it may never shake: The gay cowboy movie. To some,
January 16, 2006
Line up last march’s nominees for the Best Picture Oscar and you might think you’re in indie heaven. From Paul