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Andy Rose

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  • Articles - Distribution

    It’s a 3D Revolution

    By July 11, 2008

    Hollywood moviemakers have been fascinated by 3D features for more than five decades now. If it...

  • Articles - Directing

    The Clip’s in the Can

    By April 7, 2004

    Your movie opens with a panoramic view of Paris, France. A large crowd has gathered on...

  • Articles - Directing

    10 Years of MovieMaker; 10 Years of Indie Film

    By February 12, 2004

    Top to Bottom: The Decade in Review: Halle Berry, with Billy Bob Thornton, proved she’s not...

  • Articles - Directing

    Something Old, Something New

    By April 12, 2003

    Alyson Hannigan, Jason Biggs and Seann William Scott return for American Wedding. “Revisit your characters with...

  • Articles - Directing

    Directing for TV

    By February 8, 2003

    In between the features High Art and Laurel Canyon, director Lisa Cholodenko has kept busy directing...

  • Articles - Directing

    Cable Cinema Productions

    By July 5, 2002

    Joseph Fiennes and Gretchen Mol in Paul Schrader’s Forever Mine (1999). All moviemakers dreamof having their...

  • Articles - Features

    The Art of Appreciation

    By March 20, 2002

    In dozens of cities from coast to coast, film societies have emerged as a way for...

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