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December 1, 2010
From his darkly comic take on incest (Spanking the Monkey) to the neurotic quest for a man’s biological parents (Flirting […]
February 3, 2007
When it comes to independent film stalwarts, James Schamus has worked with some of the biggest. For Ed Burns’ breakthrough […]
November 16, 1999
“Make your first film about something you know.” That’s the advice you’ll get from film schools, seasoned filmmakers, the guy […]
November 4, 1999
John Cusack in Being John Malkovich The Venice International Film Festival When I received my first prize in Venice 18 […]
September 17, 1999
In a world where video production and post-production technology have reached previously unthinkable levels of sophistication, independent moviemakers can now […]
April 3, 1999
"It’s been ‘TheYear of the Documentary’ for at least the past two years,” quipped Sundance Film Festival Director Geoffrey Gilmore […]
February 1, 1999
Ian McKellen in Lion’s Gate’s Gods and Monsters. You make the movie and then you roll the dice," said veteran […]