Do you have questions about submitting your film to film festivals, but are too afraid to ask? This is your chance to get a direct answer from an expert.

What is the biggest challenge about festival submissions for you? What are some stumbling blocks you’ve encountered during the process, what don’t you fully understand about submissions, what have you always wanted to get an honest answer about from a programmer?

We’re here to help. For our upcoming Complete Guide to Making Movies 2018 issue, we’re calling on you to submit your most pressing questions, and we’ll get festival programmers and experts—led by Roya Rastegar, who wrote last year’s wonderful “Absolute Submission” article (if you haven’t read that already, do so right now)—to take a crack at answering them. You could ask anything from the nitty-gritty—like “What do I write in my cover letter?” to bigger questions—like “Should I even bother applying to festivals at all with my film?” Please keep to the subject of submission and acceptance—we will not be considering general questions about other aspects of film festivals.

Write in to us below until 11:59 p.m., Friday, September 1, 2017. Questions submitted after then will not be in the running to appear in the Complete Guide to Making Movies 2018 issue. MM

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