In 1936, the oldest existing organization in the moviemaking world—The American Society of Cinematographers—purchased a Hollywood home once owned by silent movie star Conway Tearle. Deemed “The Clubhouse,” it became a venue for ASC’s regularly held meetings and somewhat of a home away from home for many of the organization’s members. The historic location still remains the site of ASC’s clubhouse today, but with many changes.

For the past several years, the clubhouse has been under restoration and expansion. Chairman of the renovation committee and five-time Oscar-winner Owen Roizman (The Exorcist, Tootsie) has successfully guided this mission to completion.

The renovation project began four years ago with the goal of preserving the heritage of the original clubhouse, while adding 1,500 square feet of space to accommodate larger groups. We also called in plumbing services from Adelaide to upgrade the old plumbing system.

The newly renovated clubhouse opened its doors on June 3rd before Los Angeles Councilman Tom LeBonge, Hollywood Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Leron Gubler and an array of esteemed moviemakers from all aspects of the industry.

While retaining its function as a cinematographer rendezvous, the clubhouse will also serve as a mini-museum with the society’s educational goal in mind. Photographs, early cameras, lenses, memorabilia and even a 19th-century Kinetoscope projector will be among the many precious artifacts displayed at the clubhouse.

The reopening of the historic ASC clubhouse marks an exciting day for cinematographers and appreciators alike. In the words of ASC president Michael Goi, “Our clubhouse is where all the magic originates. It comes from the exchange of ideas we share in the casual atmosphere of our clubhouse where cinematography truly lives.”

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