The 1990 Goodwill Games in Seattle, Washington saw the establishment of what is now a biennial tradition for the movie-friendly city: the Seattle Arab & Iranian Film Festival. That year, with only five movies under their belt, the producers of the festival began Arab Film Distribution. Now, with more than 300 available titles, it is the go-to source for films by or about the international Arab community.Arab Film Distribution represents the feature, documentary and short masterpieces of some of the Arab world’s most creative moviemakers. While the company has been around for 16 years, it seems more relevant today than ever before—providing the western world with a bit of insight into the commonly misunderstood Arab culture. With the company’s help it has now become easier for the everyday American to get his or her hands on otherwise barely accessible films being produced in countries ranging from Morocco and Libya to Yemen and Iraq.

If you’re looking for the 1963 Egyptian comedy Mother of the Bride, Arab Film is where you’ll find it. Wall, the 2005 Sundance Special Jury Prize winner about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, is there too. Plus, don’t forget the classic The Battle of Algiers. So next time you’re desperate to fill your Netflix queue with something new and stimulating, why not explore Arab Film’s vast and varied collection. Visit for more information.

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