Anne Hathaway Mother Mary Michaela Coel
Michaela Coel (left) in I May Destroy You credit HBO; Anne Hathaway (right) in One Day credit Focus Features.

A spicy description for the new A24 movie Mother Mary describes Anne Hathaway and Michaela Coel as playing a popstar and a fashion designer who have — wait for it — a relationship, and Twitter stans are absolutely struggling to remain calm with this information.

According to Deadline, which reported the exclusive on Tuesday, David Lowery is returning to A24 for the third time following The Green Knight and A Ghost Story to both write and direct Mother Mary, which will follow, per the outlet’s wording, “a fictional musician (Hathaway) and her relationship with an iconic fashion designer (Coel).”

Now, just what kind of relationship we’re talking about here is still unclear. But, of course, stans on Twitter are desperately hoping for it to be a queer relationship between Hathaway and Coel’s characters. 

What Twitter stans are saying about Mother Mary

One Twitter user shared a meme from Euphoria showing Alexa Demie’s character Maddie Perez. The text of the screengrab reads, “Bitch, this better be lesbian.”

Another Twitter user shared a photo of Reba McEntire sitting down and eating a corndog with a goofy smile on her face. “OH THIS IS GONNA EAT IM SAT,” the user wrote.

Gen Z translation: Oh, this is going to be good. I’m ready.

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“Mother” memes were fitting for this occassion, considering the film’s title is Mother Mary. One user shared the “not saying mother for an entire minute challenge” meme in response to the casting, implying that both Coel and Hathaway have “mother” energy, which is basically the femme equivalent of “daddy” energy.

Another Twitter user shared a photo of Beyoncé looking absolutely shook, as the kids say, with the caption: “I didn’t realize this was something I needed until just now.”

“I will watch anything mother Anne is in,” another user wrote.

All these tweets are just a small taste of the numerous, and frankly feral, reactions that erupted on the internet as news of Coel and Hathaway’s casting was released.

All we can say is, A24 better not be queerbaiting us!

Jack Antonoff and Charli XCX are attached to write and produce original songs for Mother Mary, and Daniel Hart, who also did A Ghost Story and The Green Knight, will do the score.

Hathaway recently played a character with queer undertones in Eileen, which premiered in January at Sundance. She’s known for everything from dramas like Armageddon Time and Interstellar; musicals like Ella Enchanted and Les Miserables; action movies like The Dark Knight Rises, and romantic movies like One Day, and absolute classics of the rom-com-drama department like Princess Diaries and The Devil Wears Prada.

Michaela Coel is a British actress and screenwriter who gained wide acclaim for her hugely popular 2020 HBO series I May Destroy You, which she created, wrote and starred in, as well as Chewing Gum, which she also created, wrote and starred in, because what can’t she do? The multi-hyphenate is also known for roles in Black Panther and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, as well as Netflix’s Black Earth Rising, and Black Mirror.

A release date for Mother Mary has not yet been set.

Main Image: Michaela Coel (left) in I May Destroy You credit HBO; Anne Hathaway (right) in One Day credit Focus Features.