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In Theaters Now: Angels & Demons, The Brothers Bloom & Management

In Theaters Now: Angels & Demons, The Brothers Bloom & Management

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Angels & Demons
directed by Ron Howard
This prequel to The Da Vinci Code brings to life another best-seller by Dan Brown. On what’s bound to be another mystery-solving adventure with Tom Hanks leading the way as Robert Langdon, the Louvre has been swapped for Rome and Vatican City. It’s no surprise that the Vatican didn’t allow filming on the grounds of St. Peters Square; the re-creation of the holy headquarters will exist not only as fine craftsmanship of set design, but as a reminder that the Church will most likely disapprove of this film just as they did with The Da Vinci Code. In other words, any movie that pisses off the Church is worth seeing just for the “shock value.”

The Brothers Bloom
directed by Rian Johnson
Mark Ruffalo and Adrien Brody star as brothers operating as con-men who swindle millionaires with lust and intrigue. Good thing Bernie Madoff will be behind bars, he could have learned a few tricks from these guys. In this film, written and directed by Rian Johnson (Brick), the brothers think that they can pull a fast one on the always-lovely Rachel Weisz. But like most men who think they can outdo a woman, they have no idea what’s in store for them. This adventure around the world mixes comedy with a hint of dramatic flare. Whether or not audiences will love it though is as risky as pulling off a con.

directed by Stephen Belber
For once, a guy can’t get away from Jennifer Aniston. Too bad it’s only fiction and Steve Zahn persistently pursuing her instead of John Mayer. This offbeat romantic comedy returns Aniston to her darker roots (hair that is) and a role that feels more like The Good Girl than anything Rachel Green related. Belber, who wrote and directed the work, premiered the film at the Toronto Film Festival to warm reviews. Aniston might finally not have a flop on her hands. The fine addition of Woody Harrelson as a yogurt mogul ex-boyfriend surely helps increase the odds of this being a success.

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