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Crowdfunder Pick: Amerikan Hell

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Synopsis: A church burns to the ground with a congregation locked inside. Every local news source is desperately scrounging through rumors to get the full story before they’re live in a few minutes. When it seems like there’s no cohesive account, one young producer gets the tip of his career: The supposed group of psychopaths that have been terrorizing the region are offering not only the story, but their personal footage of the horrors inside of the church as the events there unfolded. Without a way of contacting them again, it’s now on the poorly funded news station to juggle their integrity and rebroadcast the psychopaths’ footage or turn it over to the authorities.

Cast: Hannah Fierman (V/H/S), Josh Mikel (Last Shift), Sam Eidson, Troy Halverson, Lane Miller, Robert Pralgo (The Vampire Diaries), Mark Ashworth (Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell), William Tokarsky (Too Many Cooks), Jeff Rose (Drop Dead Diva), Micharl Aaron Milligan (V/H/S Viral), and Lillian Johnson (The House Sitter)

Crew: Robert Bryce Milburn (Director/Producer/Writer), Nicholas Begnaud (Writer), and Eric Dickinson (Cinematographer)

About the Moviemaker: Robert Bryce Milburn is an award-winning independent filmmaker and artist based in Atlanta, Georgia. On a daily basis, he works as a grip and rigging grip on feature films and TV shows. He has worked on Dirty Grandpa, Goosebumps, Rectify, Miracles From Heaven, The Carbonaro Effect and many other titles. In between all of that, he produces short films and smaller-scale commercials.

Platform: Kickstarter

Campaign End Date: April 24 2016

Request: From the campaign page:

Amerikan Hell is designed to be a studio-quality horror/thriller short film made for a fraction of the budget. Our goal is to go straight into pre-production once we hit our budget goal and shoot this film by the end of summer/beginning of fall, when the trees are dead and the world seems cold and ominous.

Amerikan Hell will be shot digitally on either the RED Scarlet or ARRI Alexa using anamorphic lenses. It will then be color corrected to fit that raw grainy feel we all know and love. The feeling will be as though this was shot on Super 16mm and blown up to 35mm print in resemblance to films like The Wrestler. The reason behind using anamorphic lenses is to be able to capture more characters within one frame… allowing them to play off each other within this story and to allow the audience to watch it all unfold before their eyes with longer takes.

We need a budget in order to film a high-quality action packed horror film with blood, guns, scary masks, satanic psychopaths, and people getting murdered! We need you to join our team!

  • PRODUCTION – The majority of our budget will go directly toward what you see on the screen. Set Design, Set Construction, Picture Cars, Props, Costumes, Lights, Locations, Special Effects Makeup, BLOOD!!!!, and of course the camera required to capture it all!
  • POST-PRODUCTION – Editing is already covered by our talented Director, but the rest will need to be handled with care by our beautiful post team. This includes Sound Design, Sound Mixing, Foley, ADR, Title Design, Music, Color Correction, and VFX.
  • PERKS – We appreciate your support and don’t want to leave you empty-handed. We’ve created some fun incentives for our backers that will only be available through this campaign. All perks are listed at the bottom of this page.


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