2019 Publisher’s Statement

Dear Colleague:

When the going gets tough, the tough turn to MovieMaker! Did you know:

*75% of MovieMaker’s readers are working independent moviemakers.

*52% are employed within the film industry.

*82% are planning film equipment production purchases within the next 12 months.

*The average production budget of a MovieMaker subscriber is more than $500,000.

*Affluents bank on magazines. According to a brand new survey by the MPA, the wealthiest of Americans read magazines more today than they did five years ago.

*Gen Y (born 1982-1994) maintain high levels of magazine consumption, according to a 2008 Mendelsohn survey, averaging 15 per week.

The fact is that magazines continue to provide a small indulgence which offers highly targeted content that appeals to readers who subscribed to get this content. Now is the very time you need to support your business with this advertising. Because we reach more than one million readers per year who are interested in what you have to offer, there is no better vehicle for delivering your message than MovieMaker Magazine.

“Magazines hit on all cylinders!” Marketing Evolution’s analysis of 20 aggregated advertiser funded cross-media ROI studies found magazines are the most consistent medium, positively influencing brand performance at all levels of the purchase funnel including total brand awareness.

“Magazines ring the register!” In the aggregation of those same 20 studies, plus 32 more from Dynamic Logic, magazines were by far the most impactful medium in driving purchase intent. TV ranked #2 and online #3.

“Magazines create traffic jams!” Based on a major study by BIG research that included 12 media, magazines ranked #1 in influencing consumers to go online to search for more information about a product—and ranked at or near the top across all gender and age breaks.

MovieMaker’s editors understand the current economy. That’s why we have an exciting lineup of stories planned for the year which will help moviemakers afford to get their films made on budget. We’re just as serious about making it affordable for you to reach them! To find out how MovieMaker can help your business grow, I urge you to contact your advertising representative today. We look forward to working with you!

Yours sincerely,
Timothy Rhys
MovieMaker Magazine


Ian Bage, Senior Account Executive

Mark Sells, Account Executive

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