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Adventures in Self-Releasing: DVD Release Tomorrow!

Adventures in Self-Releasing: DVD Release Tomorrow!

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Tomorrow, October 17, I’ll be releasing the first edition DVD of The Last Lullaby in Shreveport. It should be a memorable time signing DVDs and celebrating another significant milestone with some of the movie’s core group of support. That’s Saturday. Then Monday, October 19, is the online launch, when people outside of Shreveport can begin buying the DVD off the movie’s Website (

People that buy the DVD in its first month of release will be entered to win several (very cool, I might add) movie-related prizes. These include:

1. Tom Sizemore’s main outfit from the movie.
2. Sasha Alexander’s hooded coat from the movie.
3. Jerry Hardin’s camel hair topcoat from the movie.
4. Bill Smitrovich’s navy velor sweatsuit from the movie.
5. A lifetime subscription to MovieMaker Magazine.
6. Sprague Grayden’s red shoes from the movie.
7. Price’s (Sizemore) chess board from the movie.
8. Two of Sasha Alexander’s blouses from the movie.
9. A guaranteed extra role in my next movie.

I first started raising money for The Last Lullaby in May of 2005 and now, 53 months later, I’m excited as more people than ever will have the opportunity to see it. After this DVD launch, my focus will shift to trying to find a home for the movie on cable and in the major outlets like Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Netflix, etc.

I look around as some of my peers self-release, and I feel that it’s an exciting time as we’re all learning from one another. Are we on to something? Is self-releasing something we will only see more and more frequently? I haven’t quite cracked it—I’m not sure any of us have—but we’re looking and we’re trying new things, and something will eventually come from all this experimentation and openness.

Until then, let’s keep the dialogue open. Like most of you, I want as many people as possible to see my work and I want to continue making my work with some kind of frequency.

After living in Los Angeles for seven years, Jeffrey Goodman returned to his hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana to direct The Last Lullaby. Co-written by the creator of Road to Perdition, and starring Tom Sizemore and Sasha Alexander, The Last Lullaby was filmed entirely in and around Shreveport and financed by 48 local investors.

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