Not everyone can shell out thousands of dollars or spare the years necessary to attend film school. So Guy Magar, director of such movies as Children of the Corn: Revelation, has boiled down the essentials into one weekend of intense instruction. With his tutelage, the Action/Cut Filmmaking Seminars offer a comprehensive overview of the moviemaking process light on theory and heavy on actual film breakdown.

Magar believes the key to success lies in an inspired visual approach. “Once you understand the ‘language of visual filmmaking,’ then you can use your own individual creativity to tell your own stories in the best way possible,” says Magar. Using specific and varied scene studies, Magar shows how the pros develop their ideas and use lighting, camera work and effects to achieve their visions. The seminar also covers many of the practical issues which can arise while shooting your indie masterpiece; Magar goes over financing issues, distribution, the world of film festivals and how to make the leap to success.

In addition to the 16-hour general moviemaking seminar, Action/Cut is now offering a six-hour crash course in visual effects as they become more prominent even in smaller productions. For those who cannot make the journey to a major city for the tour, Action/Cut also offers a 12-hour home course on DVD or VHS. On October 12th, Magar will kick-off his 2007 tour in Fort Lauderdale, FL with scheduled stops in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York throughout the Fall.

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