Ralph Macchio on thre Karate Kid and Rocky Crossover Idea

The Creed Connection

In Creed III Trailer, 'There's No Enemy Like the Past' (Video)
Michael B. Jordan in the upcoming Creed III.

The Rocky crossover was one of many pitches Ralph Macchio fielded over the years about potential Karate Kid sequels and spinoffs. So why did he finally say yes to Cobra Kai? Timing is everything. Macchio told Marc Maron that it helped that he’d just seen Creed, which moved the Rocky universe into the next generation while paying homage to the original film — just like Cobra Kai does so well.

Just like Creed, it features an older fighter (Daniel LaRusso) training a new generation in the style of the trainer who trained him. We’re sure Mickey and Mr. Miyagi are looking down and nodding their approval.

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