Ron DeSantis will be saddened by these 15 LGBTQ Cartoon Characters and Allies

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and many other conservatives love to attack LGBTQ+ cartoon characters as woke attacks on family values, as if LGBTQ+ people can’t have families or values. What some see as healthy representation of all kinds of people and families, others claim to see as an agenda.

Mickey Mouse and friends entered the fray last week week by donning rainbow-colored outfits to announce a Disneyland Pride Nite event in June, just as Disney fights with DeSantis, who is threatening, among other things, to develop state land around Disney properties into a prison.

The fight goes back to when Disney’s then-CEO spoke out against Florida’s so called “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which prevents Florida teachers from talking about sexuality and gender identity in elementary school classrooms. (The state’s Board of Education expanded it last Wednesday to all grades.)

But in recent years, more and more cartoons have advocated acceptance and love for people in same-sex relationships — often to the relief of same-sex couples raising kids. Here are a few examples:

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