rom-coms on netflix
Your Place or Mine (2023). Reese Witherspoon as Debbie Dunn, Ashton Kutcher as Peter. Cr. Netflix

There are two types of people in the world: those who like romantic comedies and those who do not. Since you’re reading this right now, I’m going to assume that you fall into the former category. That makes two of us. The rom-com is a special and underrated art, and it is my all-time favorite movie genre. I never get tired of watching them, so I decided to compile this list of the cutest ones on Netflix for you to stream next time you want to cry or swoon or both.

Tear-Jerking, Giggle-Inducing Rom-Coms on Netflix

From classics like Notting Hill (1999) starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant to new adventures like Your Place or Mine (2023) starring Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon, there might not be something on this list for everybody — but there will be something for everybody who likes rom-coms.

Leap Year

Matthew Goode and Amy Adams in Leap Year. Credit: Universal PIctures.

Leap Year stars Amy Adams as Anna, whose boyfriend has failed to propose yet again. She comes up with a brilliant plan: to go to Ireland on Feb. 29, the one day every four years when a woman can propose to a man (remember, this was 2010). But she somehow ends up on the opposite side of the country from her boyfriend, and instead finds herself with an extremely handsome Irishman named Declan (Matthew Goode).

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Noah Centineo and Lana Condor in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before courtesy of Netflix

Lara Jean (Lana Condor) decides to write letters to all of the boys she’s loved in the past, never intending to send them. But then her little sister (Anna Cathcart) pops them in the mail, wreaking havoc on her love and social life. The film also stars Noah Centineo as one of her romantic interests, Peter, Jannel Parish as her sister, Margot, and John Corbett as her dad, Dr. Covey.

Notting Hill

Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant in Notting Hill. Photo Credit: United International Pictures

This is my favorite movie of all time, so if you haven’t seen it, you’re in for a treat. Starring Julia Roberts as the famous American actress Anna Scott and Hugh Grant as William Thacker, the unassuming bookshop owner who falls in love with her after accidentally spilling orange juice on her shirt, Notting Hill has some of the best comedic timing and wittiest writing of any rom-com I’ve ever seen, and more than one love story to swoon over. It also stars Rhys Ifans as the hilariously goofy roommate Spike; Gina McKee, Tim McInnerny, and Hugh Bonneville as William’s best friends; and Emma Chambers as William’s quirky sister, Honey. Julia Roberts is absolutely iconic in this movie. And don’t forget: she’s just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.


DAKOTA JOHNSON as ANNE ELLIOT in PERSUASION. Photo Credit: Nick Wall/Netflix © 2021

If you like diversely cast period pieces and Dakota Johnson, this is the movie for you. Based on the Jane Austen novel, Persuasion follows Anne Elliot, a woman who was pressured into letting the man of her dreams go because he came from humble beginnings. But when they meet again, she has a second chance. This one also stars Henry Golding, Richard E. Grant, and Cosmo Jarvis.

Always Be My Maybe

Randall Park and Ali Wong in Always Be My Maybe courtesy of Ed Araquel / Netflix

Ali Wong and Randall Park star in this quirky rom-com as childhood sweethearts who have a falling out and don’t see each other again for 15 years. Will the old sparks be enough to rekindle what they once had, despite living wildly different lives? You’ll have to watch this hilarious and adorable movie to find out. Plus, Keanu Reeves and Daniel Dae Kim are in it!

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Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey in Holidate courtesy of Steve Dietl/NETFLIX.

Starring Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey, Holidate explores a very interesting and potentially useful concept in real life: two strangers meet and decide to become each other’s platonic plus-ones for awkward holiday gatherings throughout the year, from Valentine’s Day to Christmas and everything in-between. But of course, something real starts to kindle between them. It’s what rom-coms do best.

The Perfect Date

Laura Marano and Noah Centineo in The Perfect Date courtesy of Netflix.

Another one starring Noah Centineo, The Perfect Date stars the young heartthrob as Brooks Rattigan (what a great movie name), who is pretty much out of ideas for how to save up enough money to afford going to Yale — until he stumbles upon what seems like the perfect scheme. He starts offering a paid service to pose as the perfect boyfriend for wealthy high school girls. But then he starts catching feelings for one of his dates, of course, and the whole thing gets complicated. Classic!

Set It Up

Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell in Set It Up courtesy of K C Bailey / Netflix

I never get tired of rom-coms. This one has a pretty interesting premise: two overworked assistants make it their mission to help their bosses fall in love in the hopes that making them happier will lessen their work-related stress. But will the two assistants fall in love, as is likely in their rom-com contract? You know the drill — watch and find out.

When We First Met

Robbie Amell, Alexandra Daddario, and Adam Devine in When We First Met courtesy of Netflix / Skip Bolen

Starring Alexandra Daddario pre-White Lotus and Adam Devine post-Pitch Perfect, this rom-com plays with the classic if-I-could-do-it-over concept. When Noah gets friend-zoned on what he hoped would be his first date with Avery, he gets a chance to go back in time and do the date over again, hoping for a better result to stop Avery from getting engaged to someone else (Robbie Amell). But of course, things don’t go exactly to Noah’s plan.


Evan Rachel Wood and Scott Speedman in Barefoot. Photo Credit: Bart Singer.

Who doesn’t love a little Evan Rachel Wood and Scott Speedman? The Westworld and Sharp Stick stars play an unlikely couple in this 2014 rom-com about the outcast of a wealthy family who brings a naive young woman home as his date for his brother’s wedding. What could go wrong? The better question is, what could go right?!

Along Came Polly

Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston in Along Came Polly. Photo Credit: Universal Pictures.

This 2004 rom-com stars Ben Stiller as an an extremely risk-averse actuary whose wife (Debra Messing) cheats on him during their honeymoon. Then his friend and former child star Sandy (Philip Seymour Hoffman) convinces him to go to a party, and along comes his old classmate, Polly (Jennifer Aniston). Her spirited and wild-child ways threaten to trigger his neuroses even as he falls for her.

Your Place Or Mine

rom-coms on netflix
Your Place or Mine (2023). Reese Witherspoon as Debbie Dunn, Ashton Kutcher as Peter. Cr. Netflix

Perhaps the newest entry on this list is Your Place or Mine, starring two of the most classic rom-com actors of our time: Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher. In this particular tale, they play a pair of best friends who are total opposites — but when they swap lives and houses for a week, they discover that what they want and what they need aren’t what they originally thought.

Made of Honor

Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan in Made of Honor. Photo Credit: Columbia / TriStar

At long last, this list would not be complete without Mr. McDreamy himself, Patrick Dempsey. He stars in Made of Honor as Tom, a serial dater who realizes that his best friend Hannah (Michelle Monaghan) is the one he’s been looking for, but it’s a tad too late — she’s already engaged to someone else. It’s a classic My Best Friend’s Wedding plotline, with Tom trying to win Hannah while also being in her wedding party.

Main Image: Your Place or Mine (2023). Reese Witherspoon as Debbie Dunn, Ashton Kutcher as Peter. Cr. Netflix