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11 Netflix True Crime Docuseries You Might Have Missed

11 Netflix True Crime Docuseries You Might Have Missed

Confession Killer Netflix Henry Lee Lucas

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If you’re a fan of true crime, you’re probably familiar with the experience of looking for something to watch in a landscape flooded with so many choices. To aid in your search, we’ve tackled one small slice of the true-crime genre — docuseries on Netflix that you might have missed in the shuffle. We haven’t included super popular titles like Tiger King or Conversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes or Night Stalker — instead, we’re bringing you a list of titles that might not have caught your eye before that will satisfy your true-crime cravings.

Nurses Who Kill Netflix

Beverley Allitt pictured in Nurses Who Kill via Netflix

Nurses Who Kill (2016)
Look out, Nurse Ratched — these real-life nurses are giving you a run for your money. This 10-part series looks at the true stories of killer nurses, including convicted child-serial killer Beverley Allitt, who murdered four children and injured several others while working at a British hospital in 1991.
The Keepers true crime nun murder

Production still from The Keepers courtesy of Netflix

The Keepers (2017)
In seven parts, this docuseries details the case of a young nun and schoolteacher named Sister Catherine Cesnik who was murdered in 1969 — and one of her former students’ allegations of abuse by a priest at the school.
the captive netflix true crime

Production still from The Captive courtesy of Netflix

Captive (2016)
In this eight-part docuseries, real-life victims of kidnappings from around the world tell the harrowing stories of what happened to them — and how they were rescued via hostage negotiations.

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