Clint Eastwood

Dennis Miller

We’ll always respect Dennis Miller’s breakout work as standup and his Saturday Night Live stint on Weekend Update, when he cooly pilloried everyone. We also liked his succinct summation of his politics back in 2004, when he explained that he’s conservative on taxes and foreign policy, but not social issues:

“If two gay guys want to get married, it’s none of my business. I could care less. More power to them. I’m happy when people fall in love,” he told the New York Times, adding: “I think abortion’s wrong, but it’s none of my business to tell somebody what’s wrong. So I’m pro-choice. I want to keep my nose out of other people’s personal business.”

He urged conservatives to back Donald Trump in 2016, tweeting: “Don’t kid yourself. At this point, any vote for anyone that is not Donald Trump is a vote for Hillary Clinton. Also, both Presidential boxes left blank is a vote for Hillary Clinton because, as mindless as Liberals can be, even they don’t enter into suicide pacts with that petulant, whiny part of themselves.”

Whatever you think of his views, he was also good in Joe Dirt.

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