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March 28, 2008




United Artists Celebrates 90th Anniversary with Film Forum Retrospective

United Artists, the Hollywood studio famously founded in 1919 by Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, Charlie Chaplin and D.W. Griffith, is nearing its 90th anniversary. Though one industry competitor sniped about the new company “The inmates are running the asylum,” the studio would go on to produce some of the most lasting and influential contributions to American cinema during its rich history. (No comments yet)

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Ed Burns and iTunes: A Match Made in Heaven

Ed Burns and iTunes: A Match Made in Heaven

Twelve years and seven directorial efforts after storming the indie film scene at Sundance, Ed Burns is making history once again, as he premieres Purple Violets exclusively on iTunes.

Ed Burns: Things I’ve Learned as a Moviemaker

Ed Burns: Things I’ve Learned as a Moviemaker

"When sending your screenplay out to a movie star, don’t expect to hear back from them for at least three months" and other lessons from a truly independent moviemaker.

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Photo Double Indemnity to Along Came Polly: The Greatest Insurance Films

As the world continues its discussion of this year's Oscar winners and losers, the Insurance Information Institute has put together its own list of movies worth celebrating—those film in which insurance plays a starring role (a couple of them have even garnered Oscars of their own). Over the past 65 years, these films have featured Hollywood legends including Edward G. Robinson, Cary Grant and Faye Dunaway and in more recent years, popular actors such Jack Nicholson and Jennifer Aniston.
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Photo Top 10 Movie Cities 2008

From Austin to Albuquerque and plenty of places in between, MovieMaker's eighth annual countdown of the 10 best places to live, work and make movies in the U.S. (15 comments)

Photo Seeing Green With Earth Cinema Circle

Despite Hollywood’s recent interest in environmental issues, small films with a “green” twist still struggle to find distribution. Unless you are lucky enough to catch a festival screening, most of these independent environmental films will elude even the most determined cineaste. Thankfully, Gay Hendricks and Rick Ridgeway have created Earth Cinema Circle to salvage these films from obscurity. (1 comment)

Photo Gambling on Poker Movies

Blackjack may be the game of choice in Robert Luketic's 21, which hits theaters today. But in honor of the American public's fascination with all things Vegas, MM takes a look at some of Rus Thompson's picks for the best poker movies of all time.
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Photo John Carpenter’s Business of Insanity

In Hollywood these days, it sometimes seems easier to find an actor who’ll admit to having had plastic surgery than it is to find an original idea for a movie. Case in point: Legendary horror director John Carpenter. (3 comments)

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Body of War Joins the Ranks of Iraq War Documentaries

The wave of recent films devoted to exploring the Iraq War continues in 2008 with the new documentary, Body of War, to be released nationwide this spring. The film, directed by talk show veteran Phil Donahue and award-winning documentarian Ellen Spiro, is the story of Tomas Young, an American soldier paralyzed after taking a bullet to his spine one week into his tour of duty in Iraq. As Young adjusts to his condition, he begins to question the U.S. government's rationale for going to war, eventually becoming an anti-war activist himself. Body of War, currently being screened on the festival circuit with a recent stop at SXSW, debuted to great acclaim in 2007, picking up the National Board of Review's prize for Best Documentary.

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