DVD Release: December 2

Action/Thriller, 110 min.

Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy) couldn’t care less about his life. He has a dull job with a tryannical boss; his girlfriend is cheating on him with his best friend; and he swallows pills like candy for his panic attacks. Then one day a beautiful woman (Angelina Jolie) steps in and takes him on a mind-blowing trip to a place where he is told that he is the son of a recently killed member of their Fraternity, a band of assassins led by Sloane (Morgan Freeman). Their mission is to follow orders via a code from a textile loom and murder evil people. Wesley is told he is the only one who can kill the rogue member of their group who murdered his father and that he must go through some tough training to do so. From the first scene to the last, you will be left breathless. With Terence Stamp and Common. Based upon Mark Millar’s graphic novel series. 

DVD Extras: Two-disc and Blu-ray editions will include eight featurettes.

Partial Credits: James McAvoy (Atonement, Becoming Jane, The Last King of Scotland, The Chronicles of Narnia, Wimbledon). Angelina Jolie (Changeling, Beowulf, A Mighty Heart, The Good Shepherd, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Alexander, Shark Tale, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider 1 & 2, Gone in 60 Seconds, Girl, Interrupted).

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