DVD Release: January 6

Comedy/Action, 111 min.

Seth Rogen is Dale Denton, a serious stoner who works as a process server. Before delivering a subpoena to dangerous drug lord Ted Jones (Gary Cole), he witnesses Jones and a female cop (Rosie Perez) commit murder. Certain he’s been seen, he rushes to the apartment of his spaced-out drug dealer Saul Silver (James Franco), to warn him that they may be in trouble, as the weed he dropped at the scene could be traced back to them. So Saul calls his connection and good friend Red (Danny McBride) to make sure they’re in the clear. Too late. Now the guys must run from Jones’ henchmen and preclude the henchmen finding them through Dale’s girlfriend (Amber Heard). It’s a riotous ride which includes a hilarious cop car chase, and ends up with the boys involved in war between Jones’ men and their rival Asian gang. Bill Hader, as a military guinea pig, kicks off the flick with a clever cameo.

DVD Extras: Commentary, deleted/extended scenes, gag reel. Two-disc includes rehearsal footage and featurettes.

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