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Toshiba and New York Film Academy Name Competition Winner

Toshiba and New York Film Academy Name Competition Winner

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As part of the ad campaign for its new REGZA brand of LCD TVs, Toshiba partnered with the New York Film Academy to hold “The One to Watch” Film Competition. Students and alumni of NYFA were invited to create a 29-second film that showed why REGZA is “The One to Watch.” Each film had to tell a complete story and was evaluated by a panel of judges (with representatives from both Toshiba and NYFA) based upon humor, originality and relevance to the contest.

Maria Repole, Toshiba’s assistant vice president of corporate communications, saw the competition as a “great opportunity to build awareness of the Toshiba REGZA brand within the film community,” as well as an occasion for “two organizations dedicated to innovation and creative thinking” to come together.

The winner of the contest was Miami native Eddie Mariano, who graduated from NYFA’s L.A. campus in 2007. He graciously passed on his award, a one-year tuition scholarship to NYFA programs, to his younger brother. Mariano is described as an “individual who thrives on the long hours and intensity of directing and screenwriting,” and this competition is certain to be just the beginning for him.

To view Mariano’s winning film, visit

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