Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johansson and Woody Allen in Focus Features’ Scoop – 2006.jpg

Since Woody Allen appeared on the scene with What’s Up, Tiger Lily? in 1966, he has ingrained himself into the American consciousness with quirky humor, acute social commentary about New York culture and a distinct style best suited to induce anxiety and obsessive compulsive behavior in even the most reasonable movie lover. Born on this day in Brooklyn in 1935, Allen has a directorial career comprised of more than 40 feature films, among which Bananas, Love and Death and Annie Hall remain favorites of critics and audiences alike.

Cinematographer Gordon Willis on meeting Woody Allen before the shoot for Manhattan: “I arrived at his apartment, we said hello, he gave me the script and I proceeded to read it right there. He didn’t want it to leave his apartment. He left the room, and I sat there and read it through, laughing out loud, all by myself.” (MovieMaker Magazine, Issue #54)