Richard Gere
Richard Gere in The Mothman Prophecies.

There are only two questions you need to ask

The first is: What are you going to do? The second is: How are
you going to do it?

Relating to material is gut level

Scripts are funny. Sometimes you read a script
and you know right away that you want to do it—you see how to
do it almost immediately.

Deepen your reservoir.

Everything you do relates to your culture and everything you work
out of relates to all the things you’ve learned in your life, from
the very start. All the things your parents taught you, all the
things that you’ve taught yourself, all the movies you’ve seen,
all the paintings you’ve looked at, all the ideas you’ve had…
they all sort of slowly add up and that becomes the reservoir you
work out of. And I think the most important thing is to make sure
that reservoir is as deep as possible.

for Fred Murphy

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