The marketing team behind Cloverfield, that revolutionary 2008 monster movie from director Matt Reeves and producer J.J. Abrams, really knows how to employ the Internet. After cashing in at the box office thanks to their brilliant viral marketing campaign, they’re once again looking to the World Wide Web for help.

To promote the film’s April 22 DVD release, Paramount is holding a contest calling for fans to submit their own “footage” from the night the monster used New York City as its sandbox. Visitors to will vote on the videos submitted to the “When Cloverfield Hit” contest. From the three best-rated videos Reeves himself will select one grand prize winner to receive $4,500 and a Paramount DVD package. The deadline for submissions is April 21, so warm up those video cameras and show everyone how you dealt with the unidentified, unimaginably devastating beast.

To upload your own video and read the complete rules visit