stars who turned down big movies Claire Danes
Claire Danes in Romeo + Juliet

Every Hollywood star probably has a story about a role they almost had before it went to someone else and became a box office smash. But not every star tells these stories — so when they do, it’s hard not to imagine what could have been. We’ve got a list of 7 stars who missed out on big movie roles for you.

From Rachel McAdams turning down roles in Casino Royal and The Devil Wears Prada to Nicholas Hoult having to pull out of two Mission: Impossible movies because of a scheduling conflict, there is no shortage of would’ve-could’ve-should’ve stories in Hollywood. These are just some of the casting near-misses we have the privilege of knowing about.

Read on to See the Stars Who Missed Out on Big Movie Roles and Later Told the Tale

Click through our gallery below to see the seven stars who turned down — or simply lost out on — big movies that went on to be wildly successful, and decided to be honest about it.

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