Djimon Hounsou, Jennifer Connelly and Leonardo DiCaprio in
Warner Bros. Blood Diamond – 2006

The nation of South Africa is a true jumble of cultures, to such a degree that it is said to have no single culture that defines it. In the post-apartheid world, the country is known as “The Rainbow Nation,” a nod to its cultural diversity. It’s no wonder, then, that almost 600 films have chosen to film in South Africa, many of them tackling the country’s turbulent political history, including Phillip Noyce’s recent Catch a Fire and Ed Zwick’s forthcoming Blood Diamond, which opens on December 8th.With climates ranging from desert to Mediterranean to tropical, South Africa offers a variety of backdrops, and makes an appearance in many recent African-set films, such as Hugh Hudson’s I Dreamed of Africa and Terry George’s harrowing Hotel Rwanda. With extensive support for moviemakers, South Africa is an ideal option for those wary of filming in a location with little or no resources for their crew. Among the resources available are funding for native moviemakers, co-production treaties with Canada, Germany and Italy and experienced crews well-versed in coping with everything from exotic animals to remote locales.

Other films that feature South Africa include:

Malcolm X
The Gods Must Be Crazy
White Squall
Lord of War

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