The Godfather Part 2 (1974)

Movies Sequels Better Than the Originals Godfather

Lots of people think it’s impossible to choose between the first two Godfather films, and we hear them. But we place Part 2 slightly above Part 1 because of the incredible backstory of Vito Corleone (played here by Robert De Niro). And because the grim interplay between Michael (Al Pacino) and Fredo (John Cazale) is so devastating.

For what it’s worth, it received six Oscars compared to three for the original — including a best director Oscar that the Academy gave Francis Ford Coppola for the second film, but not the first. And they both won Best Picture.

If you prefer the first Godfather, we’re not going to argue with you. Both films are as close to perfect as a film can get.

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